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Musical Update

2017-05-12 22:37:31 by Chizrah7

Hey everyone! It sure has been a while! So I have some awesome news and some bad news. 

So here's the bad news: About a month ago, after 2 years of work, Arm the Restless has broken up. Due to some creative/motivational differences, our guitarist Alberto decided to quit the band, and the survivng members (our drummer Sage and myself) completely lost all morale in the band and decided to let things die.

So what's the good news then? I've started up yet another band. Remember my band from years ago, Playing in Traffic? Well we're back together making new music! We've all grown musically and our talents have improved so much, and we still have the amazing songwriting chemistry we had the first time around. We've been working for about a month now and we're already moving faster than any band I've ever been apart of. Things are finally, truly looking good for me musically. I'm finally with a group of guys that have the same drive and motivation that I do and have the ability to sit and work on a song for hours without complaining because we all want to make sure our songs get written and written right. So stay tuned for more updates and some totally awesome music!

Band Update

2016-04-16 13:42:15 by Chizrah7

Some unfortunate news regarding Arm the Restless. Due to some creative differences, we had to part ways with our singer. But we're already working on a replacement and have not stopped writing, so the band is still going strong! If you haven't already, check out our EP Beginning the Journey on Band Camp because it is and will be the only recording we have wtih our original singer.

Thanks for the continued support as we continue chugging along!

It took quite a while (due to some unexpected delays) but Beginning the Journey is finally available on Band Camp! Check it out!

It's Finished!

2016-02-10 17:26:46 by Chizrah7

The EP is officially finished! After tons of hard work, name changes, and album art being thrown around, Arm the Restless is proud to announce our first EP, Beginning the Journey, will be released within a week! The 3-song EP will be available on Band Camp where you can name your own price (so yes, you can get it for free). 
Stay tuned!

More about the EP

2015-12-18 00:40:21 by Chizrah7

So as you know we're hard at work on our first EP. Currently, our release date is sometime in January. More details coming soon, so stay tuned!


Update 2.0

2015-11-15 02:09:41 by Chizrah7

As you know we've been working on an EP. Origionally this EP was going to be self produced and promoted. Origionally. But now Arm the Restless is proud to announce we've been signed to a local label, Sleepy Bitch Records. They're nothing big, but a small local label is better than no label! We're so glad to be a part of their community and welcome the chance to help spring the band's progress forward. 
As we said before, once The Flying Monkey is finished we'll post a code for our NG fans to download it for free. Stay tuned!

Music update!

2015-11-05 01:55:31 by Chizrah7

Arm the Restless is currently working on recording our first EP, The Flying Monkey. As a thank you to all of our fans here on NG for supporting us, we'll be giving out a code for a free download! So stay tuned!

Great news everyone!

2015-09-25 00:26:30 by Chizrah7

Our bassist search is finally over! (For real this time!) Now we can focus on writing, recording, and soon playing music for all of you! Keep your eyes and ears open, there are big things coming!

Check this out!

2015-09-13 20:19:45 by Chizrah7

Hey Negrounds! Check out Arm the Restless playing our newest song "Sleeper Stimulant!"

We know it's not the greatest video, but hey it's something! And if you like what you see subscribe to the channel and like our Facebook page ( for some more!

We're on Facebook!

2015-09-08 22:18:29 by Chizrah7

Alright everyone! If you've been here since the begninning then you know that Arm the Restless has had its share of ups and downs lately. And even though we are still searching for a bassist, we've figured out how to make things work and are starting to get our asses in gear to start gigging. So if you lake the music we've been putting up, then please show us some love and like our Facebook page! You'll get to know the band as we'll be posting photos and videos of practices/gigs as well as music. Thanks everyone! We appreciat the support!