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Hi! I'm Anthony! I love playing my band Playing in Traffic. I have a YouTube channel, "AR Television," that's slowly growing in popularity. I'm also an aspiring author and I'm working toward getting my first novel published as well as many more.

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Hey everyone! It sure has been a while! So I have some awesome news and some bad news. 

So here's the bad news: About a month ago, after 2 years of work, Arm the Restless has broken up. Due to some creative/motivational differences, our guitarist Alberto decided to quit the band, and the survivng members (our drummer Sage and myself) completely lost all morale in the band and decided to let things die.

So what's the good news then? I've started up yet another band. Remember my band from years ago, Playing in Traffic? Well we're back together making new music! We've all grown musically and our talents have improved so much, and we still have the amazing songwriting chemistry we had the first time around. We've been working for about a month now and we're already moving faster than any band I've ever been apart of. Things are finally, truly looking good for me musically. I'm finally with a group of guys that have the same drive and motivation that I do and have the ability to sit and work on a song for hours without complaining because we all want to make sure our songs get written and written right. So stay tuned for more updates and some totally awesome music!

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